May 23
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YEREVAN. – I will continue to work; I will continue my activities. Alvina Gyulumyan, whose powers as a member of the Constitutional Court of Armenia have been terminated Friday, under the recently-passed constitutional amendments, on Friday stated this in a conversation with journalists outside the Court.

Asked whether she was concerned that she may be forcibly removed from Constitutional Court and how this issue is regulated, Gyulumyan noted that this issue is regulated in a certain specified way. " So far no one has recorded that my powers are terminated over. The constitutional norm has been adopted, but there is a law on Constitutional Court which regulates the organization and activity of the Constitutional Court. In this case, we are still working by law.

In court when someone's powers have ceased, a protocol decision—so to speak—of the court session was adopted on it, which confirmed the fact of termination of the given person's powers. There is no such document yet, whereas announcements are not grounds for me or you to be dismissed from work,” she said.

In addition, according to the judge, there should also be a legal basis that the decision applies to her, too, whereas statements are not such a basis.

To the clarifying question as to whether she will continue to come to work, Gyulumyan responded as follows, in particular: "I will just fight for my rights."

Alvina Gyulumyan confirmed that she will take legal steps in this regard. " It must be the protection of our rights, judicially. If they think that there are no domestic courts in that regard, then we will apply to the European Court of Human Rights,” she added.

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