October 21
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YEREVAN. – A group of representatives of the youth organization of the former ruling Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) is protesting in front of the EU office. Also, they handed a letter to the EU mission.

Hayk Mamijanyan, the head of the RPA youth wing, told reporters that they will also deliver such letters to the embassies of all OSCE member countries, as well as to the UN and the Council of Europe offices in Armenia. "The content of the letter is as follows: It presents a description from the legal point of view of the permissiveness [for the privileged] that is happening in Armenia with the Constitutional Court and in general, with the logic of democratic processes. We started with the EU Office because the madam ambassador, with her biased speech and often biased silence, gives the impression that European institutions are in favor of or are silent toward these processes, whereas the Venice Commission, the Council of Europe, and the European People's Party, all have already expressed their opinion on this permissiveness," he said.

Mamijanyan added that the state of emergency is maintained in Armenia for one purpose only, so that it is not possible to carry out such actions in the country at present. "It is impossible to apprehend so many people every day. We are making these [protest] actions (…) so that the authorities realize that they cannot do everything. Sooner or later, the ‘nose’ of our authorities must touch the ‘floor,’ both in domestic political and international platforms, and they come to realize that they cannot do everything," Hayk Mamijanyan concluded.

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