May 22
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YEREVAN. – Today, on behalf of the [opposition] PAP [Prosperous Armenia Party], ARF [Dashnaktsutyun], and Homeland Parties, we submit to the Prosecutor General's Office a report on a crime, in particular, on cases of usurpation of power and overthrowing the CC [Constitutional Court]. Arsen Babayan, a member of the Homeland Party, told this to reporters outside the Prosecutor General's Office.

Aside from Babayan, PAP MPs Mikayel Melkumyan and Naira Zohrabyan, as well as Lilit Galstyan from the ARF Dashnaktsutyun also came to the Prosecutor General's Office.

"We are talking about the usurpation of the powers of the CC, which already started two years ago, and about the whole process carried out during that time," Babayan added, in particular.

After submitting the aforesaid petition, he continued as follows, in part: "The content of this is about the whole process initiated and implemented during two years. (…). During that time, various criminal acts (…) were combined. (…). In addition, we have submitted a report on a crime under the [Criminal Code] article on going beyond official powers."

Asked what expectations they have from their petition, PAP representative Naira Zohrabyan answered as follows, in particular: "We have an expectation that we want to rely on the common sense of the law enforcement system, in this case—of the Prosecutor General's Office."

And ARF representative Lilit Galstyan added as follows, in part: "The political assessments we have given also have legal value, and it is very natural that the Criminal Code provides for a corresponding crime under political assessments. In this case, it’s on three counts: seizure of power, going beyond [official] powers, and overthrow of the constitutional order."

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