December 07
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YEREVAN. – Past daily writes: A few days ago, the activists of the RPA [former ruling Republican Party of Armenia] youth organization staged a protest, handing letters to the EU delegation, the embassies of the OSCE member states, and the UN office.

The RPA youth organization "(…) calls on the mentioned structures to refrain from biased, anti-democratic statements, and to give an objective and impartial assessment/response to the current illegal situation [in the country]."

According to Past newspaper’s information, the authorities were surprised by the protest being crowded more than expected. The thing is that they were deeply confident that the "former [authorities]" have no potential and will not be able to take anyone to the streets.

Moreover, according to our sources, [PM] Nikol Pashinyan was initially reported that "they [the ex-authorities] will be able to assemble barely ten people." Ultimately, the authorities’ astonishment was so great that they did not even take action to disperse the rally due to the [current] state of emergency [in Armenia].

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