October 02
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YEREVAN. – Hraparak daily of Armenia writes: The crisis over the CC [Constitutional Court] is getting deeper. "Ever since Vahe Grigoryan had been elected a judge of the CC, without doing any activity, kept repeating: there is a crisis in the CC. However, from the day he started participating in the sitting of the CC, there is already a genuinely deep crisis in the CC,” said our source in the CC.

Is [CC outgoing judge] Alvina Gyulumyan coming to work? "No, she finds that she knows how to protect her rights—it's the court path, and she doesn't want to get into a confrontation with anyone."

What about [CC outgoing judges] Felix Tokhyan and Hrant Nazaryan? "Tokhyan is ill, that's why he doesn't come; Hrant Nazaryan doesn't come either."

Will the session of the CC scheduled for July 7 take place? "It's hard to say; if the judges come, it will take place.” Will they come? "Again, it is difficult to say; we should look at it from the point of view of law. On the one hand, the President said that he will not sign the CC law amendments adopted by the NA [National Assembly]. On the other hand, [NA speaker] Ararat Mirzoyan signed the law on the dismissal of three judges and [CC president] Hrayr Tovmasyan's ‘becoming’ [just] a judge, and declared that it is in force from now on.

What will happen? "The [CC] crisis will deepen further."

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