October 02
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Leader of Homeland Party Artur Vanetsyan has talked about the need to restore public solidarity in Armenia.

This is stated on the political party’s Facebook page which reads as follows:

“The period of governance of Nikol Pashinyan will go down in the history of Armenia as a period of uncertainty, elemental collapse and misery. There are humiliating failures in almost all sectors, but there is an issue that is more important than the failures of the incumbent authorities.

The collapsed economy can be recovered, destroyed systems can be reestablished and relations with allied and friendly countries can be rebuilt, but what I want to talk about is not only difficult to restore, but can also lead to irreversible consequences, if it is destroyed. I am talking about public solidarity.

If there was strong public solidarity in Armenia, all issues would be predictable and could be solved, but the problem is that Nikol Pashinyan has gradually destroyed public solidarity. I believe the ultimate milestone of this process is to turn groups of society into enemies and stratify people. This means ‘everyone against everyone else’, and this uninterrupted ‘war’ is the source of ‘legitimacy’ of Pashinyan’s government. This is an invisible challenge and is much more dangerous than the inimical neighboring countries of Armenia.

We Armenians know that Azerbaijan is an inimical country and we can predict the challenge and plan our actions, but we don’t know the extent to which the internal conflict in Armenia has reached and how it may be manifested. Public solidarity is the primary indicator of the resistance and viability of our country. If there is no solidarity, the Republic of Armenia is doomed."

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