November 29
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YEREVAN. – Past daily of the Republic of Armenia (RA) writes: The topic of Armenian-Russian relations has become even tenser in recent times.

No matter how friendly, allied the relations between our [two] countries are, they are still quite cold— at the level of leaders (…).

By the way, many believe that such a situation had never happened before. No former RA leader has had such a cold and tense relationship with the RF [Russian Federation] leadership. There were many occasions of tension from the beginning, and recently, several episodes (…) also added.

According to our information, those in the power circles are also worried about this circumstance. According to the same information, NA [National Assembly] president Ararat Mirzoyan is trying to "make arrangements" with the Russians on his own. As it is known, he has previously worked for the pro-Kremlin Regnum news agency and has maintained his contacts to this day.

And using his previous ties with those circles, he is trying to establish relations with the Russians, separately from [Armenian PM Nikol] Pashinyan. In order to gain credibility, he, being particularly aware of the plans coming from the current anti-Russian and Western winds, is trying to smoothen as much as possible the problems related to them with the Russian side.

According to our sources, with all this, Ararat Mirzoyan is trying to gather to his side also those representatives of the [Armenian] halls of power who see dangers, or at least are not enthusiastic (…) [with], in the consistent anti-Russian steps taken by their [political] team.

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