February 06
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The online discussion of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly (PA) took place on Tuesday.

The respective statement issued by the office of Hayk Konjoryan—head of the Republic of Armenia National Assembly (RA NA) delegation to the OSCE PA reads as follows: "This format was new, the accusations of the Azerbaijani delegates—old. Azay Guliyev spoke about the holding of the Artsakh [(Nagorno-Karabakh)] elections, Prime Minister of Armenia’s attendance to the inauguration [of the new President of Artsakh], accused the Armenians of disturbing the peace. The Armenian response is a reminder: They were democratic elections, it is incomprehensible to a country [Azerbaijan] with the same president since 2003, where power is transferred by inheritance.”

"I would like to remind that the 1994 ceasefire agreement is still in force and has no time limit, and Armenia and Artsakh are committed to it. We consistently condemn the use of force, and we work for the establishment of a peaceful environment, but, unfortunately, the militant rhetoric and territorial claims by one party—Azerbaijan—make it impossible to resolve the conflict. Unfortunately, neither the statements of the [OSCE Minsk Group] Co-Chairs nor of the international community restrain Azerbaijan. Therefore, we attach importance to the implementation of monitoring; it should not be stopped, especially during the days of the pandemic,” said Hayk Konjoryan, head of the RA NA OSCE PA delegation.

Our delegate reminded: Mr. Guliyev has repeatedly denied even the existence of the people of Artsakh. If you really want a peaceful settlement, are you ready to make the same statement that [Armenia’s] Prime Minister Pashinyan made? That is, the solution [to the Karabakh conflict] must be acceptable to the peoples of Artsakh, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.

"When Mr. Guliyev talks about the rights of the people of Artsakh and says that he does not understand what it means, I think the reason is in not understanding the human rights phenomenon at all. The lack of human rights in Azerbaijan is reflected even in Mr. Guliyev's words. When you talk about democracy, I would like to say that Armenia is a democratic country, and if someone—whether a businessman or an official—commits a crime, he must be held accountable for it. This is something that is incomprehensible to you, Mr. Guliyev.

Now let's look at Azerbaijan. The incumbent president has been president since 2003—for 17 years. He inherited the presidency from his father. This is not democracy, this is heredity, this is nepotism, family dictatorship, but never democracy. That's why you don't understand the democracy of Armenia; the problem is not ours, but yours, Mr. Guliyev," Konjoryan said.

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