December 10
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Head of the Bright Armenia faction of the National Assembly of Armenia Edmon Marukyan has posted the following on his Facebook page:

“In the legal sense, the “Pyrrhus victory” of the authorities over the Constitutional Court is a vulnerable process, to say the least. The Bright Armenia Party has talked about this several times, and we are currently finalizing our application to be addressed to the Constitutional Court.

In the legal sense, what is also vulnerable is the raid of the ‘former authorities’ that was based on changing the dates of the examination of the case the second President of Armenia in the Constitutional Court.

Bright Armenia Party couldn’t be a part of these processes since it is a political party that doesn’t see the future in the camps obsessed with destroying each other. We understand that this road is a difficult one. We are aware that many people won’t understand us, especially the forces that remember about us when push comes to shove. May God be with them. May God also be with those who are wasting a tremendous amount of their resources to use swear words against our political party

They are so blinded and deafened by hatred that they can’t see or hear the thousands of people who are disgusted with the current and former authorities. We have made those people’s voices heard and ideas expressed and will continue to do so in the future. Life goes on.”

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