July 28
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Some countries and WHO have warned of the dangers of COVID-19 infection since the end of 2019, but the Armenian government ignored it, demonstrating criminal negligence, Prosperous Armenia, Homeland and ARF Dashnaktsutyun parties said in a statement.

According to their statement, instead of taking the necessary anti-epidemiological measures to prevent the spread of the pandemic, PM Nikol Pashinyan continued his crowded constitutional referendum campaign, while ignoring calls for vigilance.

The pandemic spread began even before it was identified, they added.

"Numerous parties, political figures, experts, various public groups have called for the unification of crisis management, the consolidation of pan-Armenian potential," they added noting that the authorities were ignoring these calls.

According to them, the establishment of strict censorship of the media amid the pandemic was the mistake as well. 

"Thus, the authorities deprived people of not only individual responsibility for the manifestation of conscious behavior but also the right to listen to different opinions," the statement added. "Reasonable restrictions on the rights of citizens and legal entities can be declared without a state of emergency."

"The government and its ruling majority in the National Assembly [Armenian parliament] were unable to pursue a balanced social assistance policy to mitigate the economic downturn. Unfortunately, a deep recession is expected, a huge increase in unemployment and a social disaster."

"About half a million dollars were spent from budgetary funds due to half of the anti-crisis packages and low targeting; the state debt increased by about $ 300 million," the statement added.

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