June 14
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Thousands of Israelis have staged a demonstration in Tel Aviv on Saturday evening to protest against what they say is economic hardship caused by the government's mishandling of the coronavirus crisis, BBC News reported.

Rabin Square was filled with mainly young protesters wearing masks, but not observing social distancing.

They say government compensation payments have been slow to arrive.

The event was organized by small businesses, self-employed workers, and performing artists' groups.

Many are experiencing economic hardship and have been angered by coronavirus measures which have taken their livelihoods away. They say money they are due from government support schemes has not been paid.

While workers on salaries received unemployment benefits via a furlough scheme, the self-employed say most of them have been waiting months for promised government aid.

הפגנת העצמאיים בתל אביב

הפגנת העצמאיים בתל אביב

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