December 03
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Armenia and Turkey will reconcile when Ankara recognizes the Armenian Genocide, said Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan in an interview with Russian sources the Moscow News, RIA Novosti and Russia in Global Affairs magazine.

”There can be no reconciliation without Genocide recognition. Those who are trying to present attempts to establish relations with Turkey as reconciliation efforts are wrong. Real reconciliation can be achieved only after repentance,” he said.   

Asked about possibility of economic growth without addressing the obvious geopolitical challenges and without normalization of relations with Turkey, the Armenian leader said this question has no direct answer.

“If there are no such possibilities, how has Armenia been developing for 20 years?” he wonders.

He stressed Armenia will not “die of hunger” without normalizing relations with Turkey.

“We have repeatedly stated we do not consider economic aspect the main reason for normalization of relations with Turkey,” he said adding geography is very important.

“We live here and must have at least some relations with neighbors. Of course, not at all hazards,” President said.

Serzh Sargsyan said that when normalization process with Turkey was launched, many opponents considered said that it would prevent international recognition of the Armenian Genocide. Fortunately, these forecasts were wrong.

“The fact of Armenian Genocide is indisputable and we must spare no effort for Turkey to recognize the Genocide finally. It is struggle for justice and for security. It is eventually struggle for inadmissibility of such crimes not only in our region, but throughout the world,” he emphasized.



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