September 21
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The first session of the Government was held on August 3 under the chairmanship of Artsakh President Arayik Haroutyunyan.

The participants discussed the issue of making amendments to the law On the state budget of the Republic of Artsakh for 2020, which was presented to the members of the government by Minister of Finance Vahram Baghdasaryan.

He noted that the project was developed taking into account some provisions of the President's program for 2020-2025, according to which it is envisaged to increase state budget expenditures in 2020 by 14.810 million drams, and revenues by 5.100 million drams, which is due to the amount of the budget loan received from Armenia.

As a result of the changes, the state budget of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic for 2020, according to the president's instruction, will amount to 126 billion 49 million 399.2 thousand drams in terms of revenues, and 135 billion 650 million 717.7 thousand drams in terms of expenditures.

The deficit will amount to 9 billion 601 million 318.5 thousand drams, which will be financed at the expense of borrowed funds. The government approved the draft law, which, according to the established procedure, was sent for discussion to the parliament.

Speaking about the effective implementation of the programs under discussion, the President highlighted the need for close cooperation with the state bodies of Armenia, as well as the conscientious attitude of officials in every link of the state management system, discipline, equality of all before the law and maintaining a harmonious atmosphere in work collectives. He warned that those officials whose work and behavior would be contrary to these principles will be relieved of their posts.

The head of state also noted the importance of preserving the atmosphere of internal stability formed in the republic, which will allow the implementation of the most important tasks facing the Republic: ensuring security and socio-economic development. In this context, the President called on the opposition forces to engage only in constructive criticism and not to take steps that violate this stability.

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