September 18
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The office of the third president of Armenia has released a video where Serzh Sargsyan answers a number of questions. The text of this interview is as follows:

Why did you decide to start a conversation now, and with this format?

I have promised that as soon as the state of emergency ends, I will convene a press conference and honestly and sincerely answer all the questions related to the April [2016] four-day [war]. Then we will decide on the spot what will be the topic of the next press conference—the NKR negotiation process, the April 2018 events, or any other topic that will interest our citizens, our people.

Why not convene your promised press conference?

I regret that our [Armenia’s] failed fight against the [COVD-19] pandemic and, as a result, the constant extension of the state of emergency do not allow me to keep my promise. But the issues with the past must end.

Are you fighting towards bringing back the past?

It is clear that there can be no return to the past, but it is equally clear that it is impossible to achieve a good future without a proper understanding of the past. The history of the Republic of Armenia, the history of newly independent Armenia cannot start from April 2018.

Is the press conference you promised still valid?

I decided to fulfill my promise to some extent and answer—with this format—the most frequently asked questions in the last two years. At the first opportunity, because I am also looking forward to it, we will organize that press conference.

And what to do now?

We have a lot to do. Without despair, it is necessary to unite all the resources of our state, all able forces and individuals, and move forward.

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