September 25
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YEREVAN. – For a year now, the authorities have been busy seizing the Constitutional Court and filling it with the staff they want; opposition Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP) MP Iveta Tonoyan said this Friday at a meeting with journalists.

"For a year, it was presented by the highest echelons of the authorities that there was a crisis in the Constitutional Court, which did not correspond to reality. But yes, today there is a crisis in the Constitutional Court, at the hands of the authorities. This very process, the refusal to initiate a criminal case on the basis of a report submitted by three [opposition] political forces, fits into the theory of the authorities to legalize all illegal decisions related to the Constitutional Court," the PAP lawmaker emphasized.

Touching upon the nomination of candidates for three vacancies of judges of the Constitutional Court, Tonoyan recalled their negative assessment of the ongoing processes around the Constitutional Court, and stressed that in this case, they are not going to legalize this illegal process with their participation—regardless of the biography of the nominated judges.

Asked about the reports circulating in the press that the trio format of the opposition PAP, ARF, and Homeland parties is not viable, Iveta Tonoyan responded that there is no problem today in the format of this trio. "The cooperation is going on in a very effective, viable format, with a mode of daily discussions," she added, in particular.

The PAP MP was also asked about the progress of her party’s initiative whereby they were going to apply to the Constitutional Court in connection with the current ban on rallies. Iveta Tonoyan first mentioned that there were technical problems with applying to the Constitutional Court, then added that in the near future they will wait for the criteria, what proposals the commandant’s office will present, what restrictions will be lifted once current the state of emergency will come to an end, and then they will make a decision.

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