May 13
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Citizens of Russia having purchased cars in Armenia have addressed an open letter to Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. Armenian received the letter, which particularly states the following:

“Dear Mr. Prime Minister, it’s not every day we address you for assistance, but this is a special case. We 3,000 citizens of the Russian Federation are addressing you with the hope for your support. With faith in the principles of the Eurasian Economic Union within which people, goods and capital move freely, we came to Armenia and purchased cars that we were going to drive in our homeland, that is, Russia. Before 2020, the customs rates were low in Armenia, unlike other member states of the Eurasian Economic Union. In other words, we were able to buy cars at low prices from the US and Japan. Among us citizens there are many people who have big families and have health problems and can’t allow themselves to buy cars in Russia. Of course, before buying cars in Armenia, we had sent an inquiry to the Russian customs house and the Road Police, which told us that there won’t be any restriction for us. We don’t know what happened in July of this year when the State Automobile Inspectorate of Russia started applying custody on cars with Armenian license plates. Suddenly, it was announced that the cars purchased in Armenia need to be cleared of customs. Why are we addressing you? We have already paid a trillion dollars to the Armenian economy, pay taxes in Armenia and want to drive our cars. Armenia registered the cars in our names and let us cross the border, and this means we are the rightful owners of those cars.

We would like to ask Armenia to express its position to other member states of the Eurasian Economic Commission and solve the issue. We will be waiting for your reply. Most Armenians believe in you and take pride in you, and following their example, we also rely on your support.”

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