September 21
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YEREVAN. – The standards created in secret were suddenly introduced like and explosion and put up for discussion. Armine Vaghramyan, a teacher at School No. 122 in Yerevan, mentioned this Tuesday at a press conference regarding the forthcoming education process in Armenia.

"I want to assure that no educator, no scholar, no figure in the field was aware of this process. In the conditions of secrecy, groups were created that have set absolutely unacceptable standards.

Next, we also received an imperfect document—the order for school attendance. That order was also discussed when it was already written, it should have been put into use, but it had not been discussed before. The order is completely imperfect,” she said.

Vaghramyan added that with this regulation, teachers are required to take a COVID-19 test en masse, and teachers cannot enter their schools without it. "Is there a provision [in the Constitution] that the schoolchildren and their parents must also take a mandatory test? In that case, let's test the whole nation," she stressed.

In her turn, historian and ethnographer Susanna Melikyan Noted: "How can a school with 700-800 students check so many children for fever and then admit them to school in the morning? How many hours should it take? Or does the teacher have to teach for eight hours in a mask? What about his/her health?”

Or what does it mean not to let a child to go on recess? This is something abnormal, unnatural and just hysterical, sickening. (…). No parent would agree to have their child sit wearing a mask for 45 minutes [in class]. Schools must go on indefinite strike as of September 1."

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