April 16
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Secretary of the Bright Armenia faction of the National Assembly of Armenia Gevorg Gorgisyan and Vice-Chair of the Standing Committee on Protection of Human Rights and Public Affairs of the National Assembly Ani Samsonyan have issued the following statement:


Lydian Armenia has issued a press release stating that deputies of the Bright Armenia faction encouraged certain unlawful acts in Amulsar gold mine. Lydian Armenia also attached to the press release a video of the meeting of deputies of the National Assembly of Armenia Ani Samsonyan and Gevorg Gorgisyan with defenders of Amulsar gold mine in two positions on September 6.

Deputies of Armenia have taken an oath to fulfill the obligations before the people faithfully for implementation of the pan-national goals and empowerment and prosperity of the homeland and observe the Constitution and laws of Armenia.

In accordance with the Constitution of Armenia, deputies shall represent the whole people, shall not be bound by imperative mandate, shall be guided by their conscience and convictions.

Let us affirm that deputies are called for protecting the interest of citizens of Armenia and the rule of law in Armenia.

No organization can threaten a citizen of Armenia for protecting his or her vital interests and for fighting against a potential threat to his or her life and safety.

No organization can be disrespectful towards the Police of Armenia.

No organization can exploit the national wealth of Armenia by disregarding the desire of the exclusive owner of that wealth, that is, the State and the people holding power.

Every organization can protect its interests only in accordance with the law, respecting others’ rights and freedoms.

Stating the aforementioned, as representatives with the primary mandate of confidence of the people, we urge Lydian Armenia to refrain from making attempts to distort, discredit and obstruct the work of deputies of Armenia. The lies, falsehood and defamation of the company will not contribute to the improvement of the situation.

P.S.: Guided by the conviction of our remorse, protection of the long-term national security of Armenia and not the short-term benefits, we inform that Amulsar will remain a mountain.”

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