April 20
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The Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (CAST) of Russia had published an analysis in May, where Armenia was given a high level in the context of allied relations. Secretary of the Security Council, Armen Grigoryan, reported about this at the Cabinet meeting of the government of Armenia.

5th Channel TV, however, adds that in an article published by the same center in August, Armenia was given harsh assessments. "As of today, Armenia is not a very reliable ally for Russia. If this situation does not change fundamentally in the future, the importance of relations with Armenia will decrease for Russia, and the nature of relations with that country can be reviewed and adjusted—not to the detriment of Russia."

According to 5th Channel, the importance of the Russian base in Gyumri for Russia is also questioned in this article. "In fact, the military presence in Armenia has no special value for Russia's defense. The RF [Russian Federation] strategic border in the region crosses the main Caucasus mountain range."

"As in the May article, in this one, too, Armenia was assessed as a CSTO member country, but the reason for the last article is the [recent presidential] elections in Belarus. The impression is that RF intends to reconsider with the CSTO member countries," 5th Channel noted.

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