April 20
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The document on evacuating the residents is an Azerbaijani falsification. The Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) National Security Service (NSS) has issued a statement in this regard.

"(…) taking into account the public interest in the document ‘On the evacuation of the residents of Artsakh’ published on social media, in order to prevent unverified—and in some cases, aimed at disseminating disinformation—comments, the National Security Service of the Artsakh Republic considers it necessary to inform that the Azerbaijani special services are again making active attempts to disseminate disinformation, as the mentioned document is fake.

The mentioned circumstance once again proves that the Azerbaijani side is attempting to cause panic, with cheap means, among the Armenian society," the statement of the Artsakh NSS reads, in particular.

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