October 23
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In recent days, the Azerbaijani side, at the level of the head of the country, has been actively circulating “reports” about the alleged smuggling of ammunition through the airspace of different countries to Armenia on board civilian planes, as well as about some other unreliable events. The National Security Service (NSS) of the Republic of Armenia (RA) has noted this in a statement.

"The RA National Security Service officially denies the information that is the result of such false and sick imagination, the dissemination of which has become the main component of the hostilities unleashed by the Turkish-Azerbaijani-terrorist mercenary alliance, and aims to strike at the standing of the Republic of Armenia, as well as at the warm relations established with partner and friendly countries..

According to the specific data under the disposal of the RA National Security Service, the Azerbaijani side is engaged in the insidious practice of stealthily transporting large quantities of ammunition and mercenary terrorists to its territory (…).

 (…) these data prove that by these actions, the Turkish-Azerbaijani-terrorist alliance is trying to expand the geographical scope of engaging terrorists and ammunition, as well as to cover up its own malicious actions, attributing its own illegal actions to the Armenian side, thus, also trying to create tensions in various international relations.

The RA National Security Service, formally appealing to the competent international structures, urges not to give in to the provocations of Azerbaijan, and not to take as a basis the disinformation being disseminated.

At the same time, we call on to examine the reliable information provided by us, to check it comprehensively, and to pursue clarification on the real circumstances and goals of the transfer of military cargo and passengers to Azerbaijan," the NSS statement also reads, in particular.

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