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YEREVAN. – In the case when we were not satisfied with the reception at the US embassy, the reception of the EU ambassador was at a quite high level, the answers were quite clear, although there were some disagreements over the incorrect wording of the terminology. One of the protesters in front of the office of the Delegation of the European Union to Armenia, who had just came out of the office building, mentioned this Tuesday after their meeting with Ambassador Andrea Wiktorin, head of the EU delegation to Armenia.

"We talked about the fact that the EU, all European organizations are pursuing the same policy of silence today, as they did during the April 2016 war.

We showed the pictures of how they [Azerbaijanis] treat our fallen, POWs. They said that they had seen all the videos, they knew everything in detail; everything was presented in Brussels. The ambassador expressed hope that an assessment would be made.

(…) she [the EU ambassador] just expressed concern, saying that, 'The sympathy is on the side of your nation, everyone in Europe knows that Azerbaijan started the war at the hands of Turkey,'" the protester said.

"(…) she [the EU envoy] said that EU decisions are not taken unilaterally, 28 countries participate in decision-making. She said that it is up to them to just present the available facts to Brussels at this moment and hope that the EU countries will sound a fair assessment," the demonstrator noted.

She added, "Nevertheless, the ambassador's position was too pro-Armenian; this was visible."

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