December 02
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Today marked the annual online session of the Prosecutors General of the member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation attended by Prosecutor General of Armenia Artur Davtyan.

Within the scope of the issues on the agenda, Davtyan also presented the crimes that the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan have committed against peace and human safety during the aggressive war unleashed by Azerbaijan against the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Artsakh. He particularly stated that settlements and civilian infrastructures have also been deliberately and purposefully struck with missiles and internationally prohibited weapons during the war that Azerbaijan has been waging against the Armenian people for over three weeks, killing or wounding several peaceful civilians who have nothing to do with the hostilities, including children and reporters.

The Prosecutor General also highlighted the transfer of members and mercenaries of international terrorist groups to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone and their involvement in the committed crimes which has already been stated by the international community and stressed the fact that this poses a serious threat to the region and international security.

Referring to the fact that one of the main goals of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation is to ensure peace, security and stability in that big region and jointly counter international terrorism, Davtyan considered the involvement of terrorists in the hostilities and the atrocities of terrorist extremists against peaceful civilians and servicemen inadmissible.

Davtyan also expressed the willingness of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Armenia to cooperate with the relevant law-enforcement authorities of the member states of the Organisation in leading the fight against terrorism in the region and terrorism that already poses a threat to the international community.

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