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Armenian News - presents the latest news on the Nagorno-Karabakh clashes as of 22.10.2020:


On the night of October 22, the situation in the Karabakh conflict zone remained relatively tense. Artillery battles continued in some areas. Positional battles were taking place along the entire front line on Thursday. Azerbaijan also attempted sabotage penetration in the central direction, which was successfully suppressed by units of the Defense Army. Its military infrastructure was destroyed.

In the meantime, the death toll of the Armenian side has exceeded 850.


Armenian MFA called on Azerbaijan and its sponsor Turkey to abandon their traditional policy of frustrating the efforts of the international community aimed at establishing a controlled ceasefire and shifting the blame onto the Armenian side.

The statement also notes that the military aggression carried out by Azerbaijan against the people of Karabakh with the direct participation of Turkey and terrorists sponsored by Turkey is aimed at exterminating the indigenous population. These actions create the need to fully ensure the existential security of the people of Karabakh.


Moscow is doing everything possible to bring the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh into a political and diplomatic channel, there is no alternative to a peaceful settlement, said Russian presidential spokesperson Dmitry Peskov. 

“We are still convinced that this issue has no alternative to a peaceful settlement. Russia intends to continue to make every effort for a peaceful settlement of this conflict,” he noted.

According to him, "the participants of the conflict are Azerbaijan and Armenia. And participation in the settlement of the conflict, becoming a mediator, or participation in the formats is possible only with the consent of both parties."


The US City of Fowler, California, has unanimously condemned Azerbaijani aggression against Artsakh, recognized its right to self-determination and independence. It urged the US President and Congress to join them in supporting Artsakh freedom, the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) wrote on its Facebook.

In the meantime, Kim Kardashian noted that the US Library of Congress announced it will now use the subject heading Armenian Genocide.


 largest parliamentary chamber in the largest state of Australia, the New South Wales Legislative Assembly has officially recognized the independence of the Republic of Artsakh, reported the Armenian National Committee of Australia.


The Iranian Azariha Telegram channel has shown the destruction of the homes of peaceful civilians living in Iran’s borderline settlements following the operations carried out by Azerbaijani troops along the length of the Iranian border.

In the meantime, an Iranian official announced that 71 rockets fired from the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone had fallen on the border town of Khodaafarin, northwestern Iran, Iran Press reported.


Armenian citizen Azniv Baghdasaryan was taken prisoner by Azerbaijanis on October 7, the National Security Service (NSS) of Armenia reported.

On October 7, a video appeared in the Azerbaijani media, where two Azerbaijani soldiers had "easily and calmly" received Baghdasaryan, who had remained in one of the villages of Artsakh. This fake video presented by the Azerbaijanis had caused quite a stir on social media, as this woman, in turn, had said to the Azerbaijanis, "Welcome to your home." 

"On October 7, after being taken prisoner, in an interview with the Azerbaijani website, under the influence of fear, the woman said that she had been unconscious for three days. After that, the woman was allegedly found by Azerbaijani soldiers, and they allegedly saved her life," the NSS statement reads.

The ICRC representatives had visited also three POW Armenian servicemen Areg Sargsyan, Narek Amirjanyan, and Albert Mikayelyan in Azerbaijan.


The World Health Organization remains concerned regarding the escalation in hostilities in the areas of and around Nagorno-Karabakh, Hans Kluge, the WHO Regional Director for Europe, said in a statement.

"The hostilities are already contributing to a dramatic acceleration in COVID-19 transmission. (...) The conflict is causing a direct disruption to health care, further burdening health systems that are already stretched by the pandemic. This comes at a time when COVID-19 case numbers across the WHO European Region continue to surge. (...)

An immediate cessation of hostilities is vital to preserve access to health services—a fundamental human right."

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