August 05
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The Human Rights Defender of Armenia posted the following on his Facebook page:

"In Azerbaijan, cultural figures and artists, intellectuals publicly encourage and spread hatred and calls for violence against ethnic Armenians, earning public praise.

Moreover, the style and words they used are almost the same as Armenophobic speeches and words used by the Government bodies and politicians.

Monitoring of the Human Rights Defender of Armenia has collected credible facts confirming the above-mentioned.

Current targeted attacks of the Azerbaijani armed forces against peaceful communities; the mass destruction, atrocities and inhuman treatment caused by them are the result of years of entrenched and systemic hatred towards Armenians.

For years, Armenophobia and killings of Armenians have only been encouraged in Azerbaijan, and the perpetrators of these kinds of actions have been rewarded by the state.

The Ombudsman of Armenia submits regular evidence of hatred towards ethnic Armenians to international organizations. This time the submission is about cultural figures and intellectuals.

Speeches and words of cultural representatives, artists and intellectuals, as well as Government bodies and politicians containing hatred towards ethnic Armenians mean that spread of hatred is in a closed chain and is encouraged by all parties in Azerbaijan."

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