December 04
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Artsakh President's Advisor David Babayan to Armenian “It is necessary to approach the issue of recognition of Artsakh without emotions."

"Now again a lot has been said about the recognition of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. In this regard, I will say the following: we really should be a state with a mature pragmatic foreign policy. We must finally understand that recognition is a geopolitical process, it is not a moral or legal process per se. Because recognition is a reflection of the geopolitical interests of many countries.

In this context, I believe that we should radically review the process of recognition of our country. In fact, there are no geopolitical grounds that NKR will be recognized by a number of countries. A very specific situation may arise when the recognition process becomes one of the levers of the geopolitical struggle between different vectors. That is, it is possible that some forces will see in the presence of Russian peacekeepers in Karabakh the process of strengthening Russia's position in the region and will try to use the recognition of Nagorno-Karabakh in their own interests to fight against Russia. We must not let that happen. We should understand that in this case, the recognition will not be so much a reflection of the ideals or interests of these countries, of our country, of the suffering we have been through, but rather will it be used in the context of geopolitical struggle. And we should not become the theater of this struggle. Now it is necessary to approach the issue more fundamentally and without any emotions that may distract us from reality and move us into virtual spheres, which is unacceptable," David Babayan stressed.

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