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YEREVAN. - Incumbent government finally crossed the Rubicon, there is no return to the old trenches, where they were hiding to look for the enemy, head of Republic Party ex-premier Aram Sargsyan said addressing participants of the opposition rally.

“Our three-year struggle has given its first real results,” he added.

The incumbent president and top officials realized that the situation has changed, and it is just a beginning.

Leader of the People’s Party of Armenia Stepan Demirchyan said that the ANC demands snap elections.

“The consequences of March 1, which have not yet been overcome, are result of rigged elections,” he noted.

According to Demirchyan, the government has shown it is unready to tackle the problems the country is faced with.

“We want to achieve our goals without upheaval but by dialogue. Dialogue will be held over snap elections. If the authorities fail to go for snap elections, we must force them,” he concluded.

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