January 20
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What steps will Azerbaijan take in an attempt to minimize the statehood of Artsakh? А forecast of Baku‘s actions was given by the Advisor to the President of Artsakh David Babayan in a conversation with the correspondent of Armenian on Nov. 26, 2020.

"After the last war, quite extensive territories of the Republic of Artsakh and historical Karabakh as a whole came under the control of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan, which has a great experience in administrative geopolitics, will soon start implementing some projects of administrative and geopolitical nature and put them in practice. In this context, I do not exclude the possibility that an entity called Karabakh will be created, possibly even Nagorno-Karabakh, with an administrative center, apparently, in Shushi," David Babayan noted.

The presidential advisor reminded that the Azerbaijani authorities did have plans to create a general administrative-territorial unit under the name "Karabakh" as early as in the late 1920s. The aim was to include the Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Region into a "general Karabakh" and thus actually dissolve its statehood in this territorial unit without any autonomous status. "Now, I think they will follow a similar path. In other words, they will create their own administrative unit called "Karabakh". According to their plans, such a de facto duplicating formation of the existing Republic of Artsakh should be identified with us over time, at least with those who are not familiar with the situation. After all, the final goal of Azerbaijan is to absorb and dissolve the Armenian statehood.

We should be ready for such attempts. In any case, everything depends on us, on our people, on whether we will be able to learn the lessons from what happened. If so, any challenge can become an opportunity to strengthen ourselves even more. But if the relevant lessons are not learned, we will face even greater shocks and problems," concluded David Babayan.

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