January 23
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YEREVAN. – We find that we have made many mistakes, but they are not to that extent in all spheres that the government resign in its entirety. Babken Tunyan, an MP of the majority My Step faction in the National Assembly of Armenia, said this in a conversation with reporters Thursday.

"For example, we cannot say the economic sphere has failed, because the difficulties in that sphere were due to the coronavirus, and then also to the [recent Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh)] war situation; that is, we are dealing with a force majeure here," the lawmaker added.

To the question whether the signed infamous trilateral statement on the recent Artsakh war is not a sufficient reason for resignation, Tunyan responded: "I will agree that it is our fault if I am substantiated that in the case of another government there would have been different results and show that this document is due to the mistakes of a specific government and only with that, and not with the fact that we warred against Azerbaijan, Turkey, we were 25 years behind in terms of armaments and other aspects."

And touching upon the social problems of the residents of the Artsakh regions that have been handed over to Azerbaijan, Tunyan said that in the near future a meeting with the Artsakh authorities was being prepared with the officials in charge of the economy. "First, let's make an inventory of damages there, find out what the situation is, and also determine—by helping each other—what we can do. We must take into account that the state budget is limited; we must try to find—within our capabilities—the most optimal ways. The emphasis should not be on providing social assistance to the people who moved from Artsakh to Armenia, but we should strive for the people of Artsakh to return [to Artsakh] and create favorable conditions for them there,” the MP added.

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