January 20
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The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Armenia isn’t concerned about the appearance of Azerbaijani soldiers at Sotk mine, which is being operated by the Russian Geopromining company.

On the evening of November 26, news was posted on social networks and in the presses that Azerbaijani soldiers suddenly appeared in the territory of the mine and demanded that the Armenians leave the area. The Ministry of Defense of Armenia deemed it necessary to refute this news immediately, and this was followed by the refutation of Spokesperson of the Prime Minister Mane Gevorgyan.

While the ministry and spokesperson were refuting the news, the initial news was provided with details, there were several reports on the events from ‘the scene of the incident’ and interviews with the heads of villages.

At midnight, Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces Tiran Khachatryan held a press conference during which he said nobody had violated the state border of Armenia and invaded the administrative building of the Sotk mine. He also recalled that, according to the November 9 agreement, the population and the army had left the Karvachar territory before November 25.

The border is determined according to the former border that divided former Soviet republics from each other. Now it passes through the middle of the mine site, half of which passes to Azerbaijan. According to Khachatryan, the administration knew about this. Nevertheless, the owners placed a fence, barrier and checkpoint, as well as deployed guards and a temporary shack. Khachatryan specifically said the Armed Forces of Armenia had nothing to do with this and assured that the appearance of Azerbaijanis near the shack was presented as penetration into the administrative building on social networks.

Since reporters wanted to know where the Armenian troops were, Khachatryan was compelled to indicate the positions, including in the area of the mine. “The personnel of the Armed Forces are where they have to be. The territory and border under our control are protected,” Khachatryan assured.

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