January 27
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Armenia ex-president Robert Kocharyan has spoken on holding snap elections.

"I remember only one case when the state was defeated and the government did not change," he told the Armenian TV channel. "This was the first war in Iraq in 1991. Saddam Hussein remained in power using his entire totalitarian system. But he finished badly - he was hanged."

"The pattern is as follows. The loser who signed the capitulation of the government must be replaced...You know, today the face of the Prime Minister embodies this shameful defeat of ours. Every time he goes live, every time he appears on the screen or publishes a post on Facebook, he reminds with his face that we are a losing nation, reminds every family of the deceased who is guilty of these victims. And to free the people and the state from this burden, he must leave."

"As for solutions. You know, it is obvious that in this situation, it is wrong to hold snap elections. We saw what we got as a result of the elections held in an atmosphere of euphoria, and at least having this experience, we must understand that it takes time to organize elections in a calmer situation."

"I welcome the decision of the opposition forces and I think [new PM candidate, Armenian ex-PM] Vazgen Manukyan is the image that can fulfill this mission. This is not a fight for a position. I do not envy anyone who is to enter this transitional government during this year. I do not envy anyone, and first of all Vazgen Manukyan," he noted.

"Taking this opportunity, I call on all my supporters to actively participate in all political processes that are aimed at dismissing this government. And, of course, I urge you to support Vazgen Manukyan in this difficult mission, both in its achievement and in its implementation."

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