January 27
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Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has addressed people.

“After I took responsibility for our failures in the Artsakh war, an interesting process began in Armenia: everyone who is not lazy rushes to blame me and the current government for all our mistakes over the past 25-30 years.”

“It got to the point that the person who excluded Nagorno-Karabakh from the negotiation process and transferred the negotiations to the Armenia-Azerbaijan plane accuses us that Karabakh received the context of a territorial dispute because of our policy. This issue received a territorial context when Armenia began negotiations instead of Karabakh, and this fact happened more than 20 years ago. We are accused of the fact that the international community perceived the aggression committed by Azerbaijan this year as the restoration of territorial integrity,.“

“I suppose that now many people are surprised to see what I am talking about now.  I am talking about things that were known to every citizen of Armenia in the 2000s, because at the highest level explanations were given about Armenia's diplomatic failures, or declaring that these were not failures. But time probably erases memory, at least cloudes it, and some decided to take advantage of this. I want to say that this attitude of the international community was formed not in 2020, but over the past 25 years, when the Karabakh issue was perceived as a territorial dispute, and this became our greatest problem, and Armenia gradually began to be perceived by the international community as  occupant. This has not happened in the last 2 years; in the last 2 years there has been an attempt to get out of this vicious circle.”

“We are accused that the war was a failure of Armenian diplomacy. Nobody asks when and what diplomatic successes Armenia has had on the Karabakh issue since the start of the institutional negotiations.“

“Were the Madrid principles a diplomatic success, which, by the way, were trumpeted as a diplomatic success, but it turned out something shameful that Karabakh may not be a part of Azerbaijan only if Azerbaijan agrees?”

“Were the Kazan talks a diplomatic success in 2011, when Azerbaijan slammed the door, and the Armenian leader gave interviews here and there and said that we are ready to return 7 regions to Azerbaijan, but Azerbaijan wants more?”

“Were the documents adopted in various international institutions over the past 25 years, which clearly stated that the territories of Azerbaijan were occupied, and this issue should be resolved within the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, were diplomatic success? Was it a diplomatic success that in 2013 Azerbaijan began a stage of military escalation, and, in fact, no one condemned it for this?  Why?  Because when you enter the plane's toilet and close the door, it says “occupated”. Many will not believe, but this is almost a literal quote from the statement of the Armenian negotiator in the 2000s.”

“And those who conducted diplomacy at this level are telling us today that we have failed diplomacy. Were the Russian proposals of 2016 a diplomatic success, when, in fact, the issue of Artsakh's status was excluded from the agenda?”

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