January 27
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The most important issue is the return of captive compatriots, Armenain PM Nikol Pashinyan said Saturday.

"Here I want to say that we have made some progress and, in fact, there is agreement on the principle that there should be an exchange of all for all," he added.

“Moreover, not only people who were captured during the war should be returned, but also people who were on the Armenian and Azerbaijani sides before the war. And now our task is not only to return those whose captivity has been officially confirmed at the moment but also to create mechanisms so that if other names are discovered in the future, there will be no problems with their return. We need a little patience here, and I think we will have success."

"Another important issue is the clarification of the fate of the missing. This process, albeit slowly, is proceeding. (...) It is very difficult and difficult for me to imagine this topic, but, on the other hand, I understand that society needs answers. So, I apologize in advance for talking about such details. So what's going on? On the one hand, the bodies are removed from the territories under the control of Azerbaijan, and on the other hand, the process of recognizing the bodies of the dead, which is simply unrecognizable, is taking place in Armenia."

"After November 9, we managed to take out over 600 bodies. And I want to noted that more than 500 bodies are at the stage of identification."

"We have not yet managed to announce the days of mourning and events. We consider it correct to do this after identifying at least most of the unidentified bodies. It must be a period of admiration, reflection, and we must go through this together and with each other. This should be a reflection on the past and the future, more focused on the future," he said.

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