January 20
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After the shameful defeat of Armenia and Artsakh, bringing the country to the brink of an abyss, at the moment there is only a political corpse in the chair of the Armenian Prime Minister: it is the political corpse of the Prime Minister, Armenian ex-national security service chair Artur Vanesyan noted during Saturday's rally.

“The person occupying this chair is politically dead and can no longer show signs of political life.

"In the course of the war, which arose as a result of Nikol Pashinyan's isolation policy, only Russia showed a real allied attitude, which was due to the fact that the ally of Russia is not the Armenian authorities, but the Armenian people."

Vanetsyan said it is necessary to immediately form a government that will be suitable to preserve for Armenia and Artsakh what is still possible to preserve.

“It is necessary to form a government that says no to Azerbaijan since Nikol Pashinyan proved that he does not have the will and courage to refuse Azerbaijan on any issue. Nikol, you are the one who gives up. From the Homeland rescue movement, we have nominated Vazgen Manukyan, who stood at the origins of our country's independence, as a single candidate. He will be a non-partisan prime minister. His task as the head of the interim government will be anti-crisis management and preparation of the country for early elections. On this issue, we managed to find an unprecedented formula: Vazgen Manukyan and his team will not take part in the early elections to the National Assembly. Thus, for the first time in the history of Armenia, the guarantor of free and independent elections will be a subject that does not pursue personal and party interests."

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