January 17
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The Armenian people gathered in this square in 1988 and vowed that they would build a strong, just society, lend a hand to our Artsakh brothers, promising security and reunification with Armenia, and a significant part of these tasks was accomplished, the candidate for the PM's post Vazgen Manukyan said during the Saturday's rally.

“We built an independent state, we won the war, the armies of Armenia and Artsakh were considered the most powerful in this region. Together with the Diaspora, we have constantly increased our influence in the international arena. Now 30 years later, we have gathered in this square with wounded dignity, with huge human and territorial losses, and everything that we did for Artsakh is practically lost, but now even the existence of Armenia is under threat when Azerbaijanis decide the borders of Armenia, entering Armenia and without receiving resistance from our government agencies. This is the situation. Should we accept this situation?" he wonders.

According to Vazgen Manukyan, the tasks that were set in 1988 were set again, and these tasks must be solved.

“They say that if you set a task and fail, you need to change not the task, but your methods.

"One of Nikol's first steps was the decapitation of the Artsakh army. Experienced generals were removed. During the war, I was there, they were waiting at the door, Nikol made a list of those who had the right to enter the headquarters. The army of Armenia was compromised, we lost all allies. An ally like Russia has lost confidence in us. China turned away, Iran did not trust us. And so alone we went forward. And Nikol Pashinyan's contradictory, provocative statements brought us closer to war every day. The war began, and from the very first day, illiterate and treacherous decisions were made, and we reached this state."

“We could have prevented the war, we could have won during the war, we could have put an end to it earlier with fewer losses. None of this happened. (...) No nation in the world can understand Armenians: a leader who consistently led to defeat is still at the helm of power."

"Nikol Pashinyan must understand that the sooner he voluntarily resigns, the better for him."

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