April 18
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Newly appointed governor of Ararat Province of Armenia Razmik Tevonyan has appointed his close friend’s son, Hovhannes Avetisyan his assistant, but Avetisyan is charged under a murder case. Resident of Ararat Province Gaiane Hovhanyan, who filed an appeal under the criminal case, reported the news to Armenian

“There is no prosecutor or decision no acquittal, and the pre-trial measure is signature to not leave. So, the criminal is appointed to a position. The Prime Minister said he would lead a struggle against the appointment of close people to positions, but he is doing the opposite,” Gaiane said.

The news about his appointment is posted on the website of the regional governor’s office of Ararat Province.

The trial over the case of 65-year-old resident of Ararat city Gyanjirov Hovhanyan, who was found hanged from a tree six years ago, is still in progress. Although Gyanjirov Hovhanyan was found hanged from a tree with a rope, his daughter, Gaiane is certain that this was murder. Narek Avetisyan was charged with leading Gyanjirov Hovhanyan to commit suicide. Hovhannes Avetisyan doesn’t have a status under this case.

The newly appointed regional governor’s son, Sedrak Tevonyan is a deputy of the ruling My Step faction of the National Assembly.

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