May 23
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After the signing of the trilateral statement of 9 November, we have remained at our posts, and the adversary has remained at its posts. After the signing of the agreement, the adversary hasn’t shown aggression, and it seemed as though it was waiting for something. This is what Mayor of Kapan Gevorg Parsyan declared while presenting the current situation in the region during today’s working discussion hosted by the Prosperous Armenia faction of the National Assembly of Armenia.

Moreover, according to him, with regard to the transfer of Zangelan and Kubatlu, there is nothing mentioned in the agreement about the transfer of the occupied territories to the enemy.

“We are actively working with the Ministry of Defense of Armenia. I am certain that the army generals with whom we have interacted had no idea that Armenia had to transfer its positions to the enemy,” Parsyan emphasized.

According to the mayor of Kapan, during the meeting with the defense minister, he stated that there hadn’t been negotiations with Kapan, but an order had been given to transfer the positions occupied by the residents of Syunik Province.

“I told the minister that Syunik Province is against the transfer of those positions since it will create problems with ensuring security, but the minister said the agreement had been reached in advance,” Parsyan said.

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