April 16
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I don’t think Nikol Pashinyan will issue an order to detain Onik Gasparyan since the latter will order to detain Pashinyan the same day. This is what former Executive Director of Hayastan All-Armenian Fund Ara Vardanyan told reporters today, talking about the statement by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Armenia and the domestic political crisis in the country.

“I don’t think Pashinyan will face off against Gasparyan. Pashinyan is in political zugzwang. Any step he takes will eventually be against him in the end,” Vardanyan said, adding that he considers the statement by the General Staff one of the achievements of the opposition.

“If the opposition hadn’t held rallies for such a long time and wasn’t so active, Gasparyan might not have spoken out and might have resigned without a fight. We need to understand that even though the statement was unprecedented, it is addressed to the people who need to understand that Pashinyan will only resign when he sees the masses. Believe me when I say that victory will be achieved soon,” he stated.

Touching upon Pashinyan’s statement that only 10% of the Iskander weapon was fired, Vardanyan stated that this was a previously planned act.

“We know that Gasparyan’s statement came after Pashinyan’s statement on the Iskander. It’s clear that Pashinyan mocked Russia’s most famous weapon around the world, and it was clear for me that this wasn’t by chance. Pashinyan always tries to speak to Russia with blackmail,” Vardanyan added.

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