May 27
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The Prosecutor General’s Office of Armenia is forwarding the report on Minister of High-Tech Industry Hakob Arshakyan’s attack on journalist Paylak Fahradyan at a café in Yerevan to the Special Investigation Service to prepare a report, Head of the Public Relations Department of the Prosecutor General’s Office Arevik Khachatryan told Armenian

Journalist Paylak Fahradyan went live on Facebook and reported the following:

“Minister of High-Tech Industry of Armenia Hakob Arshakyan attacked me literally a short while ago. The incident took place at a café in Yerevan. When I saw that the minister was spending his working hours at a café, I approached him and asked why he had decided to spend his working hours at a café. First, Arshakyan told me he works at night and that all hours are working hours for him, after which he asked me to turn the camera off, and when I did, he started telling me that I will remember this day and started threatening me. Since the camera was turned off, I told him that we can recall this day whenever he wants and that he can’t talk to me in such a tone just because he’s a minister. After that, I climbed to the top and started working, after which Arshakyan climbed to the top and attacked me,” the journalist said.

The journalist showed the damaged computer and his damaged hand and stated the following: “You can see that he hurt my hand. Arshakyan also hit my computer and broke it, and my mobile phone on the table was also damaged. There are cameras in the café. I will demand that the administration gives me the video recordings so that I can submit them to the police. Accept this as a report on crime,” Fahradyan emphasized.

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