September 24
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YEREVAN. – With his personal qualities, features, past, connections, and in his essence, the only person I see who is able to get the country out of this situation is [ex-President] Robert Kocharyan. Independent MP Gevorg Petrosyan on Wednesday told this to reporters in the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia (RA).

"I am not saying that the years of his rule were flawless, [that] all people were happy, no. But today we must rise above low values and give priority to high values. For me, as an RA citizen, the supreme value today is the interest of preserving Armenia, the Armenian nation," Petrosyan added.

Asked whether if Kocharyan announces that he will run in the forthcoming snap parliamentary elections, he will join him and also run for parliament, Gevorg Petrosyan responded: "I respect Mr. Kocharyan very much, but I am not the person who, if he [Kocharyan] announces that he is running in the elections, I will go and say, 'You know, I want to, too.' There are negotiations, there are issue to clear, there are points to agree on. Today I see him [Kocharyan], but my unilateral wish is not enough; naturally, his side must have that wish as well. Maybe I am an unwanted person for them. There will be meetings, negotiations, and it will be much more definite in about two months."

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