August 08
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YEREVAN. – I do not think that the steps of the opposition did not yield any results; maybe they did not yield a complete result, but it is also obvious that as a result of the pressure by the opposition, this capitulator [i.e., PM Nikol Pashinyan] decided to bring the agenda of the snap [parliamentary elections] to the arena for the second time. National Assembly (NA) former deputy speaker as well as vice-chairman and spokesperson of the former ruling Republican Party of Armenia (RPA), Eduard Sharmazanov, told this to Armenian Thursday at Komitas Pantheon in the capital Yerevan.

Asked whether the RPA will run in the aforesaid elections, and if so, who will head its electoral list, Sharmazanov said: "Elections are not held with the Facebook post of one person—of a capitulator, in that. When he will resign, when the NA will not elect a new prime minister in two weeks, when the Central Electoral Commission will de jure announce the election day and we will know that the Republic of Armenia is entering the electoral stage, then we [the RPA] will say our opinion. The issue of elections is not on the RPA's agenda at the moment."

He added that their agenda has not changed: the resignation and removal of PM Pashinyan.

To the question as to how and with what steps they will achieve the removal of Nikol Pashinyan, Sharmazanov responded: "We will take the [respective] steps, you will see. When we remove [Pashinyan from power], you will see. He is still able to stay [in power]."

Sharmazanov stressed, however, that he is against illegal measures. "Whether an uprising is legal or illegal is a big topic of debate. Is the law for man or is the man for the law? The important [thing] is the interest of the state; but I am against the commotions," he said.

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