August 18
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YEREVAN. – I am not interested in the [popularity] rating of the second, third and first presidents of Armenia; I am interested in the 42% who are disappointed with politics and do not want to support anyone. Alen Simonyan, the National Assembly (NA) vice speaker and member of the My Step ruling bloc of Armenia, on Wednesday told this to reporters in the NA, referring to the reports that after the recent Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) war second President Robert Kocharyan's popularity rating has risen and he might replace Nikol Pashinyan as the Prime Minister.

"As for the rest, go to the nearest province, the nearest village, and give the name of the person you mentioned; but I advise [you] not to turn off the car engine while giving that name. The person you mentioned, when they had the levers of power, almost all the TV channels, could not win the elections even at that time," he said.

Simonyan informed that they have already started their pre-election work, including the modification of their electoral lists.

To the question whether there is already an idea about their future electoral list, whether there are any current MPs who will not be put on the electoral list of the ruling force, the NA vice speaker responded: "There are MPs who left [the ruling bloc]; it is natural that I consider it impossible to work with them. And I consider their work today illegitimate. For the rest, I can say that most of our partners will continue their work. Some may continue in the executive. But our [political] team, which remained strong, will continue to work. Everything within us is more than smooth."

Also, he did not rule out the possibility of new people on their electoral list, but did not give names.

Alen Simonyan added that in his opinion, it would be right if the ruling force run in the forthcoming snap parliamentary elections under the name of Civil Contract Party, and not in a bloc.

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