May 19
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Dear compatriots who once voted for [PM] Nikol [Pashinyan], now that you are “tearing throat,” posting heartbreaking photos from Yerablur [Military Pantheon in Yerevan] on Facebook, or making angry posts about [opposition PAP leader] Gagik Tsarukyan's family event [his son’s wedding], I remind you that it is about the same Tsarukyan who used to bring you “water,” with whom you used to greet and forming a coalition partnership, and now you are going hand in hand to "coalition [snap parliamentary] elections." Mikayel Minasyan, Armenia’s former Ambassador to the Vatican and son-in-law of ex-President Serzh Sargsyan, wrote this on Facebook.

"Let me also remind that the honorary guests of Tsarukyan's previous joy were your Nikol—his family. And both feasts, the splendor of which made you so upset, took place during his [Pashinyan’s] time.

And the [the ruling] My Step [bloc] nothings, who were going live, singing, dancing during the previous feast, as you can see, this time are keeping a stony silence because they were instructed not to make a noise and not to spoil the holiday, but to direct the wave of discontent to the opposition.

Dear oppositionists, why are you upset that the feast is being attributed to the [opposition] Homeland Salvation Movement? Isn't the PAP a member of the movement? Was he presenting the view of the movement when Tsarukyan was reaching an agreement with Nikol on going to the election with Nikol's prime ministership and the Electoral Code being unilaterally amended by Nikol? If not, why is he still part of it [the aforesaid movement]? But do not say that you did not imagine the consequences. (…).

Dear parents of the captive, missing and fallen soldiers, only you have the right to speak (not only on this topic, but in general). But realize once and for all: since you are exercising your right to remain silent and ‘apolitical,’ Gagik Tsarukyan is exercising his right to have a wedding and fireworks.

Dear society, as most of you have already ‘forgotten’ that there was war, betrayal, defeat in Armenia, and the country is in disaster, do not expect anything else from the organizer of the wedding; they have the same right as you.

I repeat: the moment of sincerity has come in Armenia. Stop taking the people for a fool and you—for saints.

PS: It was a pity for the guys [who lost their lives in the recent war], "Minasyan added.

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