June 24
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Israel is developing an artificial intelligence super brain that uses an array of powerful sensors to help tanks and robots patrol battlefields and find enemy targets.

Artificial intelligence, named Athena after the Greek goddess of war, is in the early stages of development at Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) but could be deployed over the next decade.

The Daily Telegraph received exclusive access to Athena's program, including a simulated demonstration of the brain used by tanks in a combat scenario.

In this scenario, Israeli Carmel tanks were equipped with smartphone-sized AI that collected data from infrared and radar sensors, including to mark enemy fighters hidden underground and in buildings on the battlefield. In an instant, the data was transferred to the commander and turned into a battle menu with the best methods of attacking targets.

Athena can also be connected to the tank's fire control and maneuvering systems, allowing it to attack targets automatically, although the commander makes the final decision on how to proceed.

Israeli state defense firm IAI is also considering installing Athena on robotic vehicles that could automatically patrol border fences in search of intruders.

The country hopes that AI defense systems will make its army more efficient, as machines can analyze the battlefield and generate a tactical battle plan much faster than the human mind.

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