June 20
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YEREVAN. – Hraparak daily of Armenia writes: In these [snap parliamentary] elections [slated for June 20], it is highly unlikely that money will be distributed as electoral bribes, but other vicious methods will be used, which will force people not to make a conscious choice, but motivated by profit.

Apparently, the knowhow of these elections will be the following: candidate parties will create short-term jobs, hire people; this will be done under the name of election headquarters.

Both the halls of power and the opposition will use this scheme. The halls of power have started broadly hiring people today, too, and giving promises in connection with employment after the elections.

And one of the candidate parties, for example, is going to open hundreds of election headquarters in all provinces and hire 5 people in each headquarters for two months. Let's make a simple calculation: 500 headquarters with 5 employees will get 2,500 employees. Only their family members will make 10 thousand votes, relatives, friends will be added, and 50 thousand votes; that is, the passing threshold [to enter the parliament] has been overcome. Just a little nuance: the expenditure of one party will be several million dollars.

The law enforcers have taken under a magnifying glass all the more or less famous people who are not with the halls of power. Thousands of criminal cases have been initiated against people holding positions and having businesses in the provinces. They are carrying out mass inspections in the community halls.

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