June 20
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YEREVAN. - Past daily of Armenia writes: These days, almost all political forces aiming to run in the [snap parliamentary] elections [slated for June 20] are busy with the matters of compiling electoral lists.

The "elite" of the ruling political force [Civil Contract (CC) Party] is also engaged in compiling an electoral list.

According to Past newspaper’s information, this process is not going without a hitch [at the CC], as [acting PM] Nikol Pashinyan said at the last meeting with the team that, "Don’t take offense, but, naturally, some people will be at the bottom part of the list; not all [of them] will be at the top.”

The thing is that Pashinyan plans to include several representatives of business circles serving the authorities in his [electoral] list, and there are arrangements that they shall be in the top twenty. According to our source, this fact was accepted quite painfully by some incumbent MPs [of the ruling bloc], as the majority of them will occupy an obviously "low" position in the list and, most likely, will not enter the parliament.

Also, we have information that the information circulated in the press these days that there were shouts and shoving in the central headquarters of the CC are directly related to these processes. By the way, let us add that this incident is not an exception, and such cases and incidents are registered from time to time, perhaps not at the "level" of shoving.

Let us add that the general atmosphere in the [CP] provincial organizations is also no less tense.

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