June 14
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YEREVAN. – Iravunk daily of Armenia writes: The electoral list [for the snap parliamentary elections slated for June 20] of the ruling Civil Contract Party is still kept confidential, including from ordinary teammates.

However, according to information received by Iravunk, the ruling team is in serious negotiations with several well-known pro-government "figures" who have always "sung the old song" against the former authorities.

And it is up to them to bring electoral authority to the still ruling team.

Nonetheless, NA [National Assembly] My Step [majority] faction leader Lilit Makunts also opened some brackets about the above-mentioned.

"Regarding the [Civil Contract Party electoral] lists, let me not make public at the moment, for several reasons, as we have already presented that after May 10 we will definitely present who will be included in the lists. There will be new people in the electoral lists. The list will be compiled, of course, taking into account the law on parties."

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