June 19
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Today the Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs of the National Assembly of Armenia gave a final opinion on the option, the transitional provisions of which imply that the to-be-adopted draft and any regulation will not apply to the snap elections to be held on June 20, and this is obviously problematic. This is what President of the Union of Informed Citizens NGO Daniel Ioannisyan told reporters in parliament today.

“Adopting this bill in 24 hours is itself problematic. Adopting the bill in 24 hours would be very logical and substantiated, if the bill or certain regulations of the bill applied to the elections scheduled to take place in 45 days. If not, we can organize parliamentary hearings. After all, the parliament won’t be dissolved on May 10,” he said, adding that the regulation for funding for an election campaign has been removed.

According to Ioannisyan, the amendments won’t apply to the upcoming elections and will have an impact on the quality of those elections. He also stated that the bill had been approved by the Venice Commission and civil society.

Ioannisyan said he believes the authorities aren’t interested in the entry into force of regulations related to administrative resources. “Many regulations regarding administrative resources aren’t entering into force and have been removed from the bill,” he said, adding that this is an unprecedented situation. “The Venice Commission had never given such a positive opinion on electoral reforms in Armenia,” he said and noted that the regulations related to administrative resources are very unclear in the existing Electoral Code.

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