June 14
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Details became known from Thursday’s argument between National Assembly (NA) speaker Ararat Mirzoyan and Human Rights Defender (Ombudsman) of Armenia, Arman Tatoyan, at the NA Sessions’ Hall during the break.

To note, Maria Karapetyan on Thursday made remarks on behalf of the majority My Step faction of the NA, and complained about the ombudsman and accused Arman Tatoyan of "joining the media terror." In response, Tatoyan stated from the NA tribune that Karapetyan's remarks were insulting and openly manipulative, whereby an attempt was being made to depreciate the work of the Human Rights Defender.

Then NA speaker Ararat Mirzoyan took the floor, and, addressing Arman Tatoyan, said that there was no need for him to make such remarks, as the all MPs had spoken positively about him.

During the break in the session, however, Mirzoyan approached Tatoyan at the NA Sessions’ Hall to "settle scores" as to why he had responded Maria Karapetyan in such a way.

According to an eyewitness, Ararat Mirzoyan was upset and asked Arman Tatoyan why he made such remarks, especially when all the pro-government lawmakers had spoken positively about him.

In response, Tatoyan admitted that indeed the MPs had spoken positively about him, but My Step had chosen a special tactic and selected Maria Karapetyan on behalf of the faction, who was trying—with her remarks—to depreciate the work of the ombudsman and the latter himself.

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