June 12
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YEREVAN. – Zhoghovurd daily of Armenia writes: Recently, an opinion has started to prevail among professional circles, according to which Azerbaijan does not return the [remaining] Armenian prisoners of war for two simple reasons:

1) In order to further strain the internal political situation in Armenia and weaken Armenia;

2) It is true that international experts, including our Russian colleagues, also confirm that, most likely, [acting PM] Pashinyan will be re-elected in the snap [parliamentary] elections [on June 20], but Azerbaijan continues to be wary.

Another one of the reasons for [Azerbaijan] not returning the [remaining] Armenian prisoners of war is that no matter how likely Pashinyan's victory in the elections is considered in Azerbaijan, it’s all the same; they [the Azerbaijanis] still keep the prisoners of war so that if all of a sudden there is a change of power in Armenia, they [the Azerbaijanis] have leverage to apply pressure on the new [Armenian] government.

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